Delivering services to the most challenging and hard to engage young people.

About Us

Cocoon Care is a Social Enterprise community interest company which delivers services locally.

Cocoon Care has a skilled management and staff team with extensive background and knowledge in the areas of rights, care, education and welfare of children, young people and their families.

The aim is to provide a warm, friendly, safe and supportive environment based on nurturing principles.

Positive attempts are made to provide young people with a sense of belonging and self-worth. This is achieved by a positive behaviour approach, in that young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and begin to take control of their futures, by addressing negative behaviours and making attempts to rectify and make amends while building on strengths. This work is conducted both in individual key sessions and within group work.

Our units offer positive role models through careful selection and matching of staff to meet the needs of the young people. Staff are provided with all relevant training and are encouraged to identify further training and development needs throughout their work, to meet the various needs of the young people.

Young people are encouraged, by way of consultation, to participate in the general decision making and the running of the home. The Key Workers role provides support and guidance for independent living.

We also empower young people to take responsibility for their actions, enabling them to be in control of their destinies. By being better equipped to deal with difficulties from their past, they are encouraged to reflect upon positive steps forward to a more productive and valued future.We focus on promoting equality and diversity (The Equality Act, 2010). This is promoted by supporting any individual needs and preferences through key working sessions, encouraging young people to attend cultural events within the area and promoting the individual needs of all the children and young people in our care.


The three-stage process each young person will go through whilst in our care

A child will arrive at one of our main residential houses which are fully equipped with ICT suites, Studio and Gym. These main units offer alternative methods of engaging the young people and are secure enough to accept children of high risk. The children will have a minimum of 10 hrs key work sessions a week with a minimum of 5 hours in group sessions

Once we have identified an improvement in the young adult’s life using regular assessments and practices, or they have reached over 16, they will be sent to our medium to low risk semi-independent units which can include a maximum of 10 hours floating key work support, down to stand-alone with no key work support.

The final stage is the moving of the young person into our fully independent units. These units are essentially one-bedroom studio flats equipped with kitchenettes, bathroom and living/sleeping space. This will be done on recommendation through our in-house assessment process, or once they have reached over 18 years old. They will stay in these units until they are 25 years old.

Helping to develop the skills needed to become fully independent adults

We are geared towards the individual needs of our young adults and work diligently to help develop the skills needed to become a fully independent adult. Each young person placed in Cocoon Care will be assigned an individual learning plan and have the opportunity to access various packages of support.

Our young people also work through in‑house certificated and accredited AQA independent living modules in readiness for their own accommodation.

Cocoon Care is registered with the Assessment Qualifications Alliance (AQA) who accredit and certify all of our training and program delivery.

All staff have over 2 years experience working in a range of professional backgrounds which include; probation, prison, family support, social work, safeguarding, homelessness, youth work, refugees and asylum seekers.

Superior Accommodation & Facilities

In all cases, the Main Residential and Semi-Independent units where we provide accommodation are fully furnished including TV and internet access. The rooms are decorated to a high standard, as a good environment can be a major contributory factor in building young person’s self-esteem and development.

We have a gymnasium in all our Main Residential units which will have regular weekly sessions with a personal trainer, helping teach young adults how to care for their body. Introducing skills to maintain healthy diet and healthy body, these sessions can be invaluable in building self-esteem, creating a stress-free environment and educating young people from difficult backgrounds. Those who have a particular interest can opt to train as a personal trainer and gain levels 1, 2 & 3 with work placement opportunities.

We also have a fully equipped recording studio in all our Main Residential units. This offers music education which is seen as a key in engaging young people who have disengaged themselves from work and education. We have a dedicated sound engineer who teaches our young people sound engineering and music production; as well as singing coaches, guitar and piano teachers available to help progress students with a particular musical interest.

We have an ITC Suite within each Main Residential unit where the young adults can fine tune their computer skills and learn valuable skills in using word processors, spreadsheets and more. We also offer Maths and English booster sessions held on a regular basis, where students are taught foundations of each subject in group classes. These sessions are geared towards children from non-English speaking backgrounds and those with learning disabilities.

Access to the gym, ICT and Music Studio is also available to young people within our Semi-Independent units; each Main Residential unit allows access to all its facilities and services to the four closest Semi- Independent units.

Positive Mentors

We have successful members of the community who have themselves been through challenging life experiences whilst growing up and who have achieved positive outcomes in their lives despite the challenges they faced when young. These people can be assigned as mentors to give guidance to our young adults.

Dedicated Gang Unit

We have a dedicated 'Gang Unit' who have first-hand experience with gangs working to help break young people away from gangs and gang culture. This unit takes an understanding approach to young adults in gangs and helps show them the negative impacts leading such a lifestyle can have. They have key knowledge of gangs around London and UK and have designed unique strategies to help educate young people and break the cycle of gang culture whilst integrating the young adults successfully into society.

Community Based Provision

The urban units are sited in residential areas and are usually a short distance from local retail centres and other amenities such as parks and recreational facilities. They are also conveniently located for access to public transport, making journeys to and from colleges and work placements relatively short and inexpensive.

Cocoon Care staff enrich the lives of young people to go beyond their self-limitations and achieve genuine success. Placements are available for LAC, young offenders, NEET or vulnerable young people who could be considered as ‘at risk’.